Inappropriate Art Subject For Children At Worthington Christian Schools

A parent recently realized where he saw the woman that his child had to draw a picture of in art class at Worthington Christian Schools (WCS). The WCS Art Teacher had the children draw a picture of the Roman Sex Goddess, Venus, who played a key role in many Roman religious festivals and myths. The boys and girls had to draw the picture below from the painting "The Birth of Venus", by Sandro Botticelli c. 1485–1486:

A little bit more of that painting is shown below:

The complete painting is shown below:

From, that Roman Goddess’ name means:

“physical desire, sexual appetite,” hence “qualities exciting desire, seductiveness, charm,” “a goddess personifying sexual attractiveness”

Is it appropriate for a private “Christian” school to have children draw pictures of a Roman Sex Goddess who represents sexual desire?
Obviously NOT!

But, that is precisely what you can expect a WCS Art Teacher to have boys and girls draw pictures of.
After all, the WCS administrators deliberately and willfully put those boys and girls at “big-time liable” “risk” with SEVERAL known repeat child molesters, led into temptation to molest again, and they believe before God that it is the right thing to do.

Note too that some of the WCS teachers, staff, and parents took part in that 10-year Conspiracy of Child Endangerment, Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups committed against thousands of boys and girls and their parents involving millions of dollars, as documented at