"Takes Action To Enforce Our State Law" and responsible for "Consumer Protection"?

The Ohio Attorney General claims that Mike DeWine “takes action to enforce our state law" and the letterhead (above) suggests he is responsible for "Consumer Protection".
However, Mike DeWine has failed to "take action" against Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and their attorney who got caught while deliberately putting thousands of students at big-time liable” “risk with several repeat child molesters during the school's 10-year Conspiracy of Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups committed against thousands of consumers involving millions of dollars. This is documented in the email conversation below with Mike DeWine, Mary Alexander, and Teresa Goodridge.

Note that DeWine took action about one (1) student being sexually abused and the cover-ups in Steubenville but not about several students being sexually abused and those cover-ups at Worthington Christian Schools where the administrators were secretly recorded stating that they believe before God it is the right thing to do.

Also compare the serious crimes committed by WCS to the outrage at PENN State involving one (1) child molester as documented at: PENN STATE Outrage.

Response to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine:

Mike DeWine, Mary Alexander, and Teresa Goodridge:

Mary Alexander wrote that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine takes action “to enforce our state law not to represent the interest of one consumer.” The serious crimes committed by Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and their attorney, Daniel R. Swetnam, were deliberately committed against thousands of consumers and children involving millions of dollars for over 10 years regarding several repeat child molesters.

Comments from numerous upset students and parents (not just one consumer) are documented at: http://ABCsOfBetrayal.com/WCSComments.htm.
Many consumers demanded that the WCS administrators and their attorney be held accountable for deliberately and continuously putting the students in danger (i.e. “big-time liable” “risk” as secretly-recorded) with several repeat child molesters for over 10 years while deceiving and defrauding the parents about it. Note that these serious crimes were also committed against now Ohio Governor John Kasich and his children, but Kasich chose to remain silent, surely for purely political reasons.
After prosecutor Robert S. Tobias failed to fulfill his responsibility to prosecute the WCS administrators and their attorney, I began working with Amy Stone at the Supreme Court of Ohio to have Daniel R. Swetnam disbarred. Incredibly, Robert S. Tobias was actually persuaded by Swetnam and SZD (now Ice Miller) into prosecuting me for simply asking two (2) questions (the first as suggested by Amy Stone) about those serious crimes.
After that, most consumers demanding that those individuals be prosecuted were silenced out of concern that they might be targeted next by Swetnam and SZD.
Swetnam and SZD also eventually managed to have me put in jail till Judge David B. Tyack released me and dropped the entire matter against me.

All documentation is available on the ABCs OF BETRAYAL web site at http://ABCsOfBetrayal.com/, which has been updated recently, and includes documentation on children’s services, law enforcement, and the justice system’s failures, incompetence, corruption, and abuse of power by those whose job it was to report, pursue, and prosecute.

As Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine should have, your office took action at the school in Steubenville about the sexual abuse of a single student and those who worked to cover it up. It is clearly also your responsibility to address the crimes committed by the Worthington school and their attorney (along with some WCS teachers, staff, and parents) for harboring SEVERAL repeat child molesters while deliberately conspiring to deceive and defraud THOUSANDS of consumers out of MILLIONS of dollars during that 10-year Conspiracy of Child Endangerment, Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups.


March 4, 2015

Re: Worthington Christian Schools
Complaint #: 398715

Dear [Consumer]:

This e mail is in response to your correspondence sent to Brian Morrison regarding the compliant you filed against Worthington Christian Schools.

Consumer complaints filed with our office, such as your complaint, can form the basis of an investigation into a company’s questionable business practices. In some cases, a large volume of complaints about a business may give rise to legal action. These actions are to enforce our state law not to represent the interest of one consumer. Therefore, you will need to seek private counsel should you wish to pursue damages or restitution, as our office can not provide you with legal representation.

Please be advised that pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 1345.05(A)(7), once the Ohio Attorney General's Office opens an investigation against a particular business, the investigation and the facts developed under that investigation are not public record, so the Ohio Attorney General's Office cannot confirm whether or not a business is under investigation, or one of our potential litigation targets. Investigations will not become public until the Ohio Attorney General's Office takes legal action against that business.

Please know that we are not saying that your concerns are not valid. We do understand your frustration with this situation. Most of which could be possible criminal action. That would be determined in a court of law. Thus relying on facts gathered by the police investigations and submitted by local prosecutors.

The information you have provided with your complaint against Worthington Christian Schools has been recorded in our complaint retention system since 2008. We can include the additional information you provided and Brian will add this email trail with that complaint. That record will be available until it has met its retention.

Once again, we regret that we are unable to provide you with additional assistance in this matter.


Attorney General of Ohio