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WHO JUDGES THE JUDGES with Katherine Hine

In that Radio Talk conversation, we discuss the publicly available information regarding several sex offenders and the associated 10-year Conspiracy of Child Endangerment, Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups committed against thousands of consumers and children involving millions of dollars. As reported by the Columbus Dispatch newspaper and others, those crimes were committed deliberately and willfully by the administrators at Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and Grace Brethren Church (GBC) (i.e. Grace Polaris and Grace Powell) and their SZD (now Ice Miller) attorney, along with some WCS/GBC teachers, staff, and parents.

We also discuss how desperate those administrators and their attorney have been in their failed efforts to intimidate and to prevent a parent from fulfilling his responsibility to warn others as he and thousands of parents should have been warned about the dangerous and evil hypocrisy practiced and taught by example at WCS/GBC.

We also expose incompetent and corrupt government workers, which includes elected officials, police, investigators, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, children's services, and others.

And much much more!

Please beware that those WCS/GBC administrators remain in power and remain as a serious threat (along with some WCS/GBC teachers, staff, and parents) to children and consumers as documented at