Comments From WCS Students and Parents

Important comments from WCS parents and students (and employees) made on various Internet Blogs follow.
Comments are given in chronological order. Note that some of the web sites are no longer accessable.
The complete comment is given and not just the important portions so as not to take anything "out of context".
The portions in bold text should lead to important evidence:

"WC Alumni" from in October or November:

I am unfortunately a WCHS alumni. After my parents divorced my sophomore year (Name withheld) was THE ONLY one I trusted in that school, and the only one I confided in. (Name withheld) and I have continued our friendship past my school years, and I consider her one of my closest and dearest friends. She is an outstanding woman. I also know Mr. fact, I was his teacher's assistant my first year at WC. First of all, I do believe that Mr. Smith has "repented" for his actions and hopefully he will not repeat these horrible actions again. But the fact still remains, why is he being put in this situation of temptation? It was mentioned in the article,” we don't want to throw anyone overboard", but if he did this crime again and had to deal with the horrible consequences, wouldn't that be throwing him overboard. If he would have been rehired then of this would be happening…What kind of accountability is being held? How can current and future students trusts these standards? When I was Mr. Smith's TA I would grade papers in his classroom and there was no one else in the room. If I would have known his past, I would have never put myself in that situation. A situation that could have changed my life. What kind of accountability is that? Someone commented about publicly humiliating him...what about the child that was brought before the WC administration and had to tell them her story. According to the article it was so humiliating that she dropped out. Also, when a student at WC is caught for breaking "the code of conduct" they are usual thrown out. There was a situation when I was there when a girl got pregnant. She told the administration immediately and they did allow her to graduate (with the help from (Name withheld)). But, they pulled her out of classes and she couldn't walk for graduation. They also made her come before our class and confess her sins. But, they don't throw anyone over the bus, right... I feel as though my parents wasted money by having me attend WC. When people ask me where I went for high school I normally say a private school because I am ashamed of WC. I know that many of my fellow graduates feel the same way. Parents, now that you know the truth, strongly consider what is best for your child. Ask questions and don't leave until you get answers.

A Parent from in November or December:

I have to say that I did not trust the Dwayne decision. I don’t really know whether I can trust Dwayne himself, but the decision to rehire was seriously flawed. I became aware of this 2-3 years ago and along with my spouse approached the administration with our shock and concern. Our initial meeting was met with understanding of our concern and we were encouraged to meet with the next ranking superior. That is where it went awry. We were made to feel that we did not understand the biblical meaning of forgiveness, restoration and redemption. While we did understand that process, and are thankful for it in our own lives we felt that was a separate issue from the decision to rehire. We advised the administration that Dwayne had asked our daughter to TA but that she couldn’t. He showed relief that she was unable to TA because “Dwayne wasn’t supposed to have female TA’s”. I told them that they did not understand what I was saying, Dwayne asked her!!We spoke of the risk to reoffend as Dwayne is put back into temptation. We spoke of the many parents that are trusting the school with their children and the partnership we think we have. We spoke of the name of our Lord being tarnished as it is represented by WCS should this become widely known. Especially the testimony that could be lost to the unbelieving world. We soon saw that we were getting nowhere and let them know that we would have to let our child know about this if we decided to keep her in the school. He said that he would understand if we took her out of the school, but that we should not tell her or anyone else. Of course we did not follow their advice. This entire situation has been on our minds for the past few years. It would not surprise me at all if WCS knew about Jason. In summary, it appears that we have a superintendent with multiple “allegations” of inappropriate touching that mentored a sex offender that was rehired with free access to female students. Now with all of that what were they supposed to do with the information about Jason. They were already in this pretty deep. I know that the Lord can use all this for His good, but the school and church have to be willing to truly be open and transparent, even when it looks bad for them and then trust God with the results. I pray this is what they do.

"former wcs parent" from on November 20th, 2007 at 11:15 pm:

Bob, first of all you say that “it wouldn’t be helpful to place him in an environment where he could possibly be tempted.” Yet you are willing to place your children within that circle of temptation. That is very concerning. Also, I was told by the administration that Dwayne was not to have female TA’s. Well, he asked my daughter to TA for him. I would still like to know, were the classroom restrictions really in place or was this man of integrity blatantly disobeying them.

"in the know" from on November 25th, 2007 at 10:22 am:

I took a break from posting but now feel it is time to answer some of the questions that some are trying to answer but cannot. The reason Jason’s plea changed upon discovery is he and his attorney were given Jason’s confession, a taped conversation where he admits to the allegations of sexual contact with the victim. In this taped conversation he also answers the “what did WCHS know and when?” question. He admits that he admitted to the administration of his wrong doing when Worthington received the phone call from Heritage in 2002. WCHS has know of his sexual misconduct for five years and allowed an admitted sex offender (though not admitted in the legal sense, simply by his own words..just as valid) to continue to work with students and coach girls soccer!!
Jason may be a very charming and charismatic man. This is the man that most everyone knows and loves. He was a very good teacher in some instances and also highly inappropriate in others (drawing naked cartoon girls in student journals, writing letters to female students describing the curves of their bodies, etc.). Many of you may not believe this, but this evidence still exist. He is not a man that should be allowed to work with children again. As of January 24 the law will ensure this. He will be a registered sex offender. He has lived in fear that this would eventually catch up with him. He would not change his plea unless he knew the evidence was there… I am pretty sure you cant beat a taped confession! For those of you that believe he is a man of integrity…I have to disagree. Integrity is coming forwarded and admitting to wrong BEFORE you are caught…not after. He may be sorry for what he did but he is also sorry he was caught.

"lifer" from on November 26th, 2007 at 11:45 pm:

Wow. I can hardly believe that so many recipients of such an expensive education have emerged with such a deficient Christian worldview.
It’s scandalous but not surprising. Grace and WCS have for years cultivated a culture where external conformity is valued above the far messier work of internal transformation.
It suppose shouldn’t surprise us at all that we’ve ended up with an administration, staff and student body who are, by and large, perfectly okay with hiring a confessed child molester (as long as he keeps his secret sin hidden) while denying a pregnant teen the right to participate in graduation.
Nor should we be shocked to hear students both defending the abusers and attacking the victims. This is a system that is so obsessed with keeping up outward appearances that it has churned out a bunch of people who have developed an unfortunate expertise in Phariseeism; they reflexively strain out gnats and swallow camels.
It appears that the church and school’s longstanding failure to reward honesty, transparency, authenticity and humility is finally bearing its rancid fruit. I fear that the organism may be rotten to the core, not because it is full of extraordinarily wicked men and women, but because it has for decades penalized people who could not be forced into service of the shiny, happy facade and promoted people who could play the game.
The school and church have squandered their most valuable resources - honest, innovative, energetic non-conformists who don’t always have it all together, who don’t always say the right things, and are unwilling to be cowed into submission. For years, they’ve promoted “yes men” and discarded people with the ideas and the guts to challenge stupid rules, arrogant leaders and corrupt priorities.
Most of the innovative and interesting young leaders have gone. They’re either disillusioned, having discarded their faith completely, or they’re departed, having moved on to churches and schools and ministries that appreciate them.
We’re left with an “up’s down, out’s in, left’s right” Escher’s world wherein applications from teachers who question the sequence of end-time events or the literal length of the six days of creation are rejected, but confessed abusers who can toe the line and put on a happy Tupperware Christian Mask are held up as model employees; where whistleblowers are demonized and cover-up artists are promoted to senior administrative positions.
I believe with all of my heart that the Dwayne Smith and Jason Crary situations are not isolated incidents, and that if all the truth was known, we would see these patterns repeated over and over again in various permutations throughout every aspect and every era of the church’s and school’s ministry.
So, what now? I’m not sure. Well, I am, but I’m not sure it the leaders of the church and school can bring themselves to do it. The only honorable course of action as I see it is as radical as it is simple: Jim Custer, Jim Augspurger, Tom Anglea, Taylor Smith, Bill Williams and perhaps others should all stand up and say, “You’re right. We sinned. We acted in bad faith. We protected the wrong people. We covered up. We lied by omitting important facts. Please forgive us. We promise to give a full and honest account of what happened, who was involved and how we got to this point, and we promise to take whatever consequences arise out of our full and frank disclosure.”
Unfortunately, this won’t happen. A radical commitment to honesty and transparency would expose the organization and its leaders and rob the old men in charge of the one thing they value most - their legacy. In a bitter twist of irony, the legacy they seek to preserve is slipping through their hands the tighter they grasp.
I’m sad.

"in the know" from on November 27th, 2007 at 10:40 am:

I feel compeled to respond to some questions asked and some accusations raised. First I would like to say to Raskolnikov, do not speak of what you don’t know. You do not know who I am and so cannot say that “even I am not entirely in the know”. To Seeking Truth, I will tell you this. Yes, both Heritage and Worthington knew the extent of what occurred between Jason and this girl back in 2002. I will not reveal the exact extent of those actions in detail here…that will come out in the court transcripts as a part of the public record. As for the taped confession…it is the evidence that changed the plea. Jason knows he would be a fool to take it to trial as he has admitted to his own illegal actions. He had suspicions that he was being taped… in the state of Wisconsin something called one party consent exists. Only one person needs to consent to being taped.. especially in situations of sexual abuse of a minor. Until discovery only the victim and law enforcement in Wisconsin was aware of the tape. Now, everyone knows…as stated before, the reason the plea was changed. To answer your last question, these inappropraite pictures and letters exist from his time at Heritage…and for those of you who think that child predators dont strike again…these pictures and letters were directed at girls other than the victim. I cannot speak to what has or has not occurred at Worthington. If there are any other victims out there I pray they have the strength to come forward. However, in light of how this woman has been ridiculed and torn apart, I understand why they would be afraid to..especially if they are still in their late teens or early twenties…it is hard to come forward and face ridicule.

"in the know" from on November 28th, 2007 at 2:55 pm:

I will answer your questions. Heritage was made aware of the situation in 2002. They contacted Worthington to inform them of what had happened. Heritage admitted that they had their suspicions all along but had nothing “concrete” to go on. Yes.. to those of you out there who believe this is against the law…school officials are mandatory reporters…if they have even a suspicion it must be reported. Licensure can be lost and penalties faced if this is not done. Heritage had the proof and presented it to Worthington. Neither school took further action. Heritage by law should have reported what they knew. Worthington confronted Jason…he admitted to it…they agreed he was a changed man. SICK! To answer the second question, the tape did not exist until recently…how much his wife knew for certain…I cannot say what Jason has disclosed to his wife (in light of recent events I am assuming everything if he had not yet done so). HCS was informed of the racey pictures in 2002…I cannot speak to what they knew for sure of during his time as a teacher at the school… only of their admitted “suspicions”. As far as the initial plea being made under oath.. I am not sure..but am now wondering myself as you made a valid point regarding it. When the plea was made he knew what he had done…he had said his wife knew.. and my guess is he had disclosed to his attorney..but again I cannot say that for certain. I will also agree with your last point. My anger and disgust is not only with the abuse that occurred but with the lack of action (looking the other way) by both schools.

"in the know" from on November 28th, 2007 at 6:20 pm:

I have direct knowledge of the situation. Jason admitted on the same tape that he admits to the abuse of the student, that Worthington knew of what happened in 2002. He states that the administration from Heritage contacted Worthington. In time, I believe the content of this phone conversation will be public record. I am sorry to say POINT BLANKLY that Worthington lied….

"in the know" from on November 29th, 2007 at 7:15 pm:

it was taped by the Milwaukee Police Department.

"in the know" from on November 30th, 2007 at 3:31 pm:

WCS is lying (per audio of parent meeting). Taylor Smith NEVER spoke to Wisconsin parent. That is 100% false and of that I am 100% certain.

"in the know" from on December 10th, 2007 at 7:52 am:

Taylor NEVER talked to the accused…he NEVER talked to the parents of the accused. Worthington is still telling lies. Taylor spoke with the Superintendent of Heritage (who had contacted him after the victim made Heritage aware of the situation). The “investigation” involved talking to Jason about what the victim claimed…no formal charges were brought at that point.

"in the know" from on December 10th, 2007 at 2:41 pm:

Thank you Anon… I did mean the victim. Tayloe never spoke to the victim or the parents of the victim. No interview occurred with the victim or her parents by Worthington. No other parent or family was interviewed in Wisconsin….both Christian schools had to keep it hush hush to protect their precious names. To answer the final question, yes a report is required…both schools are manadatory reporters…the law was violated.

"parent of alums" from on December 31st, 2007 at 2:22 pm:

Dear forgiven,
I wanted to make sure that we are not giving out incorrect information. When my spouse and I met with administrators to find out if what we had heard was true about Dwayne, we were told that he did not come forward prior to being found out. We were told that the young girl came forward first and then Dwayne was approached about what the girl said and then he confessed. We were also told that Bill Williams is the one who mentored him through that process. My concern with that is he has had allegations against him about improper touching. I realize these are allegations, but it casts suspicion and doubt on the mentoring and restoration process that Dwayne went through.

"Truth" from on December 31st, 2007 at 6:31 pm:

Not only that Distrust, but they did that with Mr Smith but it now appears that in 2002 Jason told them about what had happened with him at HCS and yet they kept him on as well. But what can you expect when Bill Williams has had a student victim and nothing was done with him and he was the “accountability” partner for Dwayne. And if you think these are the only 2 teachers that have been inappropriate with students I would suggest you ask the Administration what other teachers they have received concerns about who are still there. One hint, there is one teaching in the elementary school that had issues that many know about. This so called “firm” they hired is going to talk to who and about what? They are being herded into only looking and talking to certain people and not looking and talking to others. Augy has the same mindset that the earlier poster did when he mentioned “catholics”. They care about their own image and making sure this all looks good on paper but the truth be hidden. It does not take a genius to see that they are wrong and continue to be wrong.

"Sad" from on December 31st, 2007 at 6:59 pm:

You can ask Bill yourself. It is not secret knowledge that he was Dwaynes accountability partner. Waht is shocking is how can it be “accountability” to leave him alone with TA’s? Did you notice they never did say or answer the question about that. The reason why is because the “accountability” was just to make it look good on paper, in other words it was a sham.
"Parent" from on January 5th, 2008 at 6:58 pm:
There was also an incident years ago with a former student and many people knew he was writing her love letters and such. Check that out and see if it is “gossip”!!! While the reason he took leave may not be about that, it also might be. So it appears there may have been TWO incidents now. What next?

"Parent" from on January 5th, 2008 at 8:16 pm:

To answer your question forgiven, it was reported at the time it occurred. Though it occurred with TWO different students that I am aware. It is not “gossip” to be worried about childrens safety. Especially considering what all has been going on in the school. I hope to accomplish the truth coming out, something that you seem to wish to avoid at all costs, to the point of personal attacks on people. You pull the Bible quotes like a gun and use it as a weapon instead of how it should be used. You use the comment about cast the first stone completely wrong. That is not what it means and Jesus ALWAYS was about the truth and doing what is right no matter how painful it was. Secrecy and deceit are the tools of the Devil. Go ask Buzz Inboden if what I have said about the notes is true or not!!

"Concerned" from on January 24th, 2008 at 6:06 am:

To aaaono: Actually the tape says Taylor spoke with Jason but it nicely leaves out the details of that conversation. If what in the know stated earlier is true and there is a taped conversation of Jason saying he told the school than things change quite a bit. Including them breaking the law themselves. Lets see, Dwayne, Jason, Blair, that is 3 so far and Bill being looked at for his possible past actions. How many more things do people need?

"distrusting 2" from on January 25th, 2008 at 6:07 am:

To Distrust-
Bill Williams is a liar! That basically answers most of your questions. The allegations were investigated 2 times. The first by Custer and Taylor Smith. This led to his promo to assistant super. in ‘92-93 to cover it up to the outside and shut-up the victim.(He was talken out of the classroom) The 2nd time it was investigated by Augy and Buzz-WOW- we all know what happened there, that is what has led to this current mess…Buzz and Augy dismissing it again as “Nothing!” Well, don’t we all feel safe and secure now! I guess the current investigation with the outside firm sounds like it could shed the real truth on this matter. I understand that they have spoken to her and have concrete written evidence. Let’s pray for her sake this finally ends!

"J Davidson" from on January 28th, 2008 at 4:34 pm:

In regards to the Tapes in Jason’s trial, I am having to wait until after Jason is sentenced to be able to get access to the tape, or so I was told.

"J Davidson" from on February 11th, 2008 at 7:37 am:

So much disinformation to address. Guess I will start with wondering
Wondering - Get of your hysteria and conspiracy horse. As was pointed out your argument is illogical. I guess I should assume every girl Jason or Dwayne came across they tried be sexual with then right? Same line of thinking. The Dispatch clearly laid out what was recorded. If other people want to jump to conclusions and go hysterical about it than that is their fault and their problem. If JW had recorded clients without permission she would have been disciplined by the Board for it. I question your methods “wondering”.
Anoneemous - As others have said, you made this claim so were is your proof? Answer is you have none. Proof that she was not disciplined is PUBLIC record so anyone can check it. You are claiming something different so the burden of proof for your claims is on you. Lets see it. Funny that when pushed to prove what you say you have not done so. Also Anoneemous please tell us what the “restoration” process consisted of?
For everyone - I think it is time for me to disclose some information that I have held back for all these months. How I know for sure some of these things are true or not, rather than just guessing they are. As I have said before I am openly a victim advocate. I also know people in the media. I know EXACTLY what was said and not said to the Dispatch by JW because I was the one who introduced her to the reporters and I was present when she met with them. I was the one who suggested she speak with them. That is also how I know she did not give them the identity of the victim. They already had that information from speaking with someone else. The Board was given my name and contact information if they needed to speak with me about all this because I was a witness to what occurred. A person that knows her and me suggested to JW that she contact me because they knew I have experience with something similar to this in the past. So Wondering you are kinda right on the “I know your her friend” statement, I was a consultant in this so if that is “a friend” by your definition than so be it. I ask you Wondering to say exactly what she did that was unethical and WHY it is unethical. She did nothing illegal or unethical in all this. The only mistake that I think was made was that she, unlike some others they spoke with, allowed the Dispatch to print her name. That is something for which I feel at fault for, as I encouraged her to allow them to do so and by doing so I have caused her a ton of harrassment and grief that all could have been avoided by not publishing her name and I hope she forgives me for that mistake.
And the issue is about the school and church and what they are going to do or not do about all this. It is not about DS, JC, JW or any of them anymore, it is about what the school and church are doing or not doing and what THEIR role was and is going be to in this.
So now my little secret is out. And now some of you know how I know your making things up or just going off the deep end with conspiracy theories. Others of you now know how I know some of the things I do and why I can claim to know for sure. Now you know my connection to all this, I was consulted about it. I was also willing, still am, to do so under oath if it ever comes to that.

"anon" from on February 12th, 2008 at 1:32 pm:

I know some employees who knew for example that BB had allegations against him regarding a past student. So do y’all think the admin. knew about it as well? I’m guessing they surely did.

"anon" from on February 15th, 2008 at 9:19 am:

I know her personally and can guarantee, without giving up info that “Distrust” has hit the nail on the head! If anyone ever gets their hands on the tape JW has, it could possibly prove how credible she is and how UNGOLDY these men are. They should all be put on the street for what they have put her through all of this time. And as far as her credibility because she is on staff, look who she is up against-The good ole boys! They will lie ’til Jesus comes to protect themselves, the church and the school and that destroys her credibilty whether she works for them or Walmart. It is her against THEM….no wonder JW recorded things! What choice did she have….Lets pray that Plaster has the guts to put and end to this!

"anon" from on February 19th, 2008 at 8:57 am:

I regards to the victims child attending the school….I know for a fact that she has very close friends in the school where her child is and they know everything -in detail- that has happened from day one. These friends check on the child several times a day in the halls etc. and know what to do if and when BW ever is in the building etc. Trust me…she would not leave her child there without being totally proactive about her childs safety. Probably won’t reenroll next year though….

"Truth Seeker" from on February 20th, 2008 at 7:13 pm:

Since you seem to know Bill Williams so well, I’ll tell you what the specific allegations are.. because I know the victim quite well.
1) He had a sexual relationship with her while she was 16 and a student at WCHS. He was her teacher at the time.

2) Several years later, he seduced her while she was visiting his new home and they had a further sexual relationship while they were both married.
Both of these happened outside of her will, but she felt powerless to stop them.
He knows of these ‘allegations’ because she has been very open to various members of the Grace establishment about them.. including me.
Furthermore, he knows about the allegations because they’re not allegations.. they’re truths.

"Incognito" from on February 28th, 2008 at 12:36 pm:

The summary is grade A hogwash.
High level and low level staff members knew about the extent of the accusations against Bill much earlier than 2008. I know this because I was one of them.
WC actively fostered the idea that Dwayne had committed adultery and hid the truth of his sins from the staff, students and parents he encountered. No mention of this in the report.

"Incognito" from on February 28th, 2008 at 12:57 pm:

I know longer work there and was never contacted by the firm. I knew of this information when I worked there a few years ago and so did many other people with whom I interacted.
I would like a list of the 16 people who were interviewed by the firm, because either they interviewed the wrong people, not enough people or they were lied to by the people the spoke with.. or they marginalized the opinons of those who disagreed.

"Dismayed" from on March 1st, 2008 at 6:20 pm:

There are never any winners when awful things like this happen. I know as someone who was interviewed by them that the report had nothing that I said in it and is full of contradictions!! I believe Christy but the report created holes in her story. I can not speak as to what Judy and “others” know or what holes might be as I have not seen their information. What I do know is what I said clearly contradicted the Report yet it oes not appear anywhere. Swetnam pulled a fast one because now they claim attorney client priviledge so no one can see the real report and see what was truly said and by whom. Cover up again on their part. And they planned that from day one when they picked them to write the report. I can honestly say I do not care about holes, I only want to know the truth and I am dismayed that a Church would act like this and hide. Shame on them all.

"believer" from on March 19th, 2008 at 10:31 am:

I completely agree that it is everwhere. The difference here is that it was hidden. Intentionally hidden to help one of there brothers. Not just once but only the Lord knows how many. I have no trust for this administration any more. I know and all of you know they just got caught. It is as simple as a kid with there hand in the candy jar at dinner time. They would have never have just come forward unless the media had not drawn it out. I know for a fact, from the media, that this is only the tip.
Do you think, after all that has come out, that they would come forward with even more incriminating infor about the school. I think not. They are going to wait and see if anyone finds out.
I love and trust many of the innocent teachers in this but the upper administraation cares nothing about your children. You have to know that by now and with all of the facts. The facts they hid from you. These facts that gambled your childs safety everyday.

"Jen96" from on March 22nd, 2008 at 11:14 am:

“But do you not feel that the ones who hid the secret should be held accountable??”
Am I guilty, because I knew what DS did and didn’t go around telling everyone? Did I hide his secret? If you want everyone who know about this happening to be held accountable, you are looking at a lot of people. I graduated over 10 years ago. I was nothing special. I figured if I knew, everyone knew. I do not understand how people did not know.
There was a student who was two years younger than me, who had a perverted, too touchy feely, father. Parents knew about that. I know that people at the school did what they could to keep kids from being around this dad. Maybe formerwarrior can speak more on this.
I agree that JC should be held accountable, but seeing as he is now retired, what can anyone REALLY do to him? The same with TS. I think A TON of the decision lies with him. I find it inappropriate that he is now a big shot w/ the ASCI, but that is between himself, God, and the other powers that be at ASCI. He is in Colorado, there is nothing that WE can do.
Another thing I don’t get, is why didn’t parents confront the administration when Dwayne Smith was re-hired? Even if they thought that he had resigned for having an affair, didn’t they expect more from the school, than to hire a teacher who had been sexually promiscuous? When I was in HS, this was all drilled into our heads, all the time.

"believer" from on March 27th, 2008 at 9:31 am:

Your message is on target. I am in agreement now that they all new. I do feel that if all of these families knew this information that TM had to know. I can not see how anyone in the admin. could not have known. I actually talked with a staff member late yesterday and they said that it was very well known among the staffers. Especially the admin. This person has no reason to lie. There position could be at stake.
I would also go at the message to TM as fact not rumor.
We don’t listen to just rumors. You and I don’t anyway. We are only interested in the facts. All in all it is very well written.
Do not fall into this distraction that “Mit” is trying to pull you into. He is trying to keep you busy posing responses to his stupidity rather than getting the facts out. Trying to rile you so you will give up.
Ignore these sorts of comments and stay on track with the good you are doing.
I had some conversations with friends, who do not even know that I am believer on here. They are very much in support of you and I. It is very uplifting to know that there are others in support of the of the same message you and I have. They are supporting me with complete indifference because they do not even know it is me. This is exactly why I am anon.
I am not going to respond to the ridiculous childish comments anymore.
Keep the FACTS coming!!!

"mit" from on May 6th, 2008 at 11:05 am:

Hey old fart, I know of at least one person considered in leadership who knew of AA. I don’t know if he was the one who eventually brought it up with Plaster, but he did at the least sit on it for months and I would think if he knew, I’m sure it was brought up with others in leadership. I think it would be more accurate to say at least some in leadership knew of AA, but maybe not all. To say leadership didn’t know is technically false. Of course, “leadership” is a wide swath of dozens of pastors and elders. Whatever the case may be of who knew, Plaster did act on it as soon as he was told and that is a good thing.
As far as phasing out folks at Grace and WCS, they operate like many other organizations or corporations. In a decidedly passive-aggressive manner, WCS/GBC likes to operate very “Office Space” like in how they phase people out. They have been more apt to angle people out by moving their desk to the basement and putting them in change of killing cockroaches. Eventually the person gets the hint and leaves on their own. It is gutless way to avoid real leadership and not take responsibility. It is the “avoid any potential conflict at all costs” approach. It is really spineless and whimpy. We’ll see if Plaster goes in this most Custerian tradition. So far, I like what I see with the way he took the bull by the horns with AA though. I don’t think Plaster has the political capital or the huevos to be that aggresive with Augy though. Augy really needs to go NOW! Although I would be happy to see him demoted to groundskeeper, that would be fun too only because that would ding his ego “big time.”

"anon" from on May 6th, 2008 at 2:27 pm:

Is plaster having truth issues, because, I for one have been fighting with several of them having “truth issues” and no one wants to believe me.
Just wondering! How will anyone determine the truth when there is no board (elders obviously don’t count…we all know where their loyalties are!) to hold any of them accountable. Little people cannot be heard in this organization and while I know a lot of truth they are not devulging, I can’t “take them on” with no where to go for accountabiility!

"anon" from on May 23rd, 2008 at 5:04 pm:

If you knew the truth about what BW did, you would feel differently! remember the report is very biased and the attorney’s who wrote it are defense attorneys hired to protect the school. i know for a fact that Ritter agreed with Plaster that BW had to go and remember that Ritter SAW THE WHOLE REPORT so he knows what BW did.

"anon" from on May 26th, 2008 at 8:58 am:

Disgusted, (pretty good name since that is the way you make me feel)
there are tape recorded meetings that include several top admins that all agree that BW’s victims story never changes. I know her better than anyone and your comments are not only slanderous, but LIES. I don’t know who you are, nor do I care, but unless you want me to find out, why don’t you not talk about things that you truly don’t know the truth about. There are way to many people here doing that and it is in no way helpful to the victims who are still suffering because of this disaster!

"churchmouse" from on June 2nd, 2008 at 12:06 pm:

i know that there was policies for sexual abuse in place long before phil johnson came along. in the case of ds they choose to break the general rule that applied to everyone and make ds’s situation look like extra-marital affair. the upper staff and ive heard this over and over again. “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

"churchmouse" from on June 3rd, 2008 at 12:34 pm:

I bet plaster is thanking his friend jim custer for bringing him here with all dirt thats been swept under the carpet.
i know of a situation involving plaster that is worse than anything said on these blogs. now you gbc staff that are hiding behind your computer take that to plaster.
plaster should not worry about what everyone says and worry about paying for this new loan and what teachers are being asked to leave because the numbers are down

"anon58" from on July 25th, 2008 at 6:30 pm:

Dear Armpit,
I know that Dwayne molested a child, and that he still has access to children. I know that the church leaders, including Custer, Augy and others knew about it and took no meaningful steps to protect other children or to inform parents. I know that Jason molested a child for years, and now he denies it to his family and that some within the church still refuse to accept that he did these things. And I know that there seems to be something within GBC that persuades the parishoners, who are smart, honest people, to be blinded to the risks of these men and the church leaders, and the way this congregation treats others.
These things I know. And it scares me. It should scare you.